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Sunday, November 15th, 2009
5:34 pm
New prize winner
The weirdest thing my dog has ever peed on. New winner:

A large mirror.

For reasons that are not important at this juncture, I stuck a large mirror down on the floor for 20 minutes, so I could move stuff around. I come back for it? And it's swimming with a little lake.

The best? Part is that the paper backing of the mirror got wet, thus meaning I can either throw it out or figure out how to de pee a large mirror.


It's bigger than the damn dog.
Saturday, October 17th, 2009
9:57 pm
They really do!
Hello, my name is Jest and my pet pees on stuff.

Not just any stuff, but only the most inconvenient and impossible to clean stuff, such as my bed, the couch, under the stove, and under the refrigerator.

How exactly does a dog pee under a refrigerator? I regret that I have not witnessed this phenomenon in action, and as much as I would like to attribute it to the special genius that is the bulldog, I feel the credit really must go to the slope of the kitchen floor.

And now I must be off, for I have a refrigerator that must be moved...somehow...
Friday, March 27th, 2009
10:54 pm
Telephone Time
I spent a good two and a half hours on the phone this evening.

During this time, Tucker got no small amount of cream cheese- dairy products being his kryptonite.

He got an extra late night walk.

But when I got off the phone?

We played 'chase the dachshund around the coffee table'

Only it ended in a new way.

With submissive peeing.


I don't want submissive peeing. I just want to play fetch and love the Tucker. Not deal with even more unexpected dog urine.

Of course now he's perched on my leg, utterly oblivious to the trouble he's caused, and waiting for me to toss a blanket over him.

And I'll do it, because I'm a sucker like that.
3:04 pm
First pee
I just brought home my (still nameless) puppy, about four months old. I brought her out to the back yard where she did her business, so I figured it was safe to bring her inside.

She walks right into her crate, before I've even had the chance to put down a blanket for her. Great, I think, she's OK with the crate. Once she comes out, I put down the blanket. She goes right in and promptly piddles on it.

Oh well, she'll learn. : )

ETA: Just put down towel and she promptly went in and peed again (with no warning sign). I think she might get a plain hard surface to sleep on for a bit.

She also appears to be a treat whore. I gave her a small treat when she went in to the crate and she promptly got really excited about the crate, going in and sniffing for more.
Thursday, March 26th, 2009
10:04 am
Pee, Poop, Blood, and Vomit. Oh my.
It's been quite a week in terms of my various pets. We ran the gamut of fluids.

First off, the depressing stuff. My Doberman has a degenerative neurological disorder, which is somewhat similar to MS. She's slowly losing control over her back legs, which unfortunately, has also included her control over peeing and pooping. I have to keep her on a strict food schedule and monitor her back end closely in order to avoid little "presents" being littered throughout my parents' house. Poor Maia, she has no idea that she has to poop until she is literally in the process of pooping. During the last month, this has extended to peeing as well. She's not in any pain and she's still very much the same personality-wise. However, given that she's slowly having more and more trouble standing up, our time together is coming to a close.

What this means in terms of the practical day-to-day, is that I am constantly changing pee-soaked blankets off of her various sleeping places and monitoring her back end to see if there is a "load" waiting to be dumped. I'm also constantly sweeping, cleaning up messes, and otherwise trying to keep my living space from being totally unhygienic. Sometimes I feel more successful in that arena than others.

Tuesday night, I came to believe that my cat Gabi and I had a misunderstanding. I thought that she should pee in the litterbox, and based on the fact that I caught her peeing on the bathroom rug, she clearly had a different understanding of the situation. I yelled at her and swatted her and then chased her out of the bathroom. I then took the bathroom rugs (which had been peed on multiple times) into the house for my 2nd or 3rd load of pee-soaked laundry of the week. When I came back, I discovered that Gabi had peed directly on the bathroom floor again in my absence. And then I realized the true nature of our misunderstanding. The poor thing had blood in her urine from a UTI. So the peeing in the bathroom was an effort to let me know that something is wrong. Now, I have no rugs and just a towel on the bathroom floor because until her UTI improves, she's still protesting her discomfort to me outside of the litterbox.

So that straightened out, I took my two dogs out for a game of "Maia, you have to pee. Go pee. Maia, go on." Both dogs stopped for a nice long drink from the fountain (reloading), and then Maia nicely went out to do some business. Neo hung out next to me getting some pets, and then promptly threw up because he'd drank too much water too quickly.

At that point, I was just kinda done with animal fluids for the evening. I really love and enjoy having all of my pets, but man, during weeks like this one, 5 really starts to feel like way too many. I wish I could just toilet train the lot of them! : )

Current Mood: tired
Saturday, August 16th, 2008
9:17 pm
Nibiki is evil.
My roommate has two cats -- Ryoga, a (very) large lout of a cat whose interest in things other than sleeping and eating went away with his balls, and his hyperactive and malicious sister Nibiki. (My roommate got them and their feral mother at a point after which they would easily bond with humans. They've bonded with exactly her. Sort of.)

Nibiki has a scale of destruction that she will unleash when displeased. Shedding -- deliberate shedding -- is minor. Peeing on things is meant to be noticed. Things like vet visits result in the deliberate seeking out and destruction of a vital cord. Last time it was my roommate's cellphone charger, bit in two with a surgical snip, no gnawing. One time it was a game controller, which took quite a bit more gnawing.

So. Peeing.

She has peed repeatedly on my roommate's bed.
She has peed on decorative couch pillows.
She has probably peed on clean laundry.
She has peed on various patches of floor, although by this point my roommate knows exactly what products to use, and I doubt that her room will smell like anything aside from that floral vacuum cleaner powder when we move out.
Most recently, and evidently this is an old trick but it was the first time I saw it, she pooped outside the litterbox. Not "I can't make it to the litterbox", but a deliberate pooping on the floor. Why, you ask? Well, I was in the room. And if someone other than Her Human is in the room when she has to go poop, she can't stand people watching her, so she might as well go where everyone can see her, hadn't she. (The litterbox is behind a curtain. This is not quite sufficient for Her Nibs.

Fortunately, this is the only cat that my roommate knows who acts like this, because otherwise she'd be off on cats for life.
Saturday, August 9th, 2008
2:36 pm
Pets vomit on stuff
Roland just vomited, and then rotated his position 90 degrees and vomited again. And while feeling sorry for his poor stomach, I was also thinking "Couldn't you please keep your vomit in the one place so it's easier to clean up?"

Current Mood: sympathetic
Monday, July 21st, 2008
1:42 am
*stabbinates doggage*

I just wish I had enough of the canine language to say this to my dog:

OK, peeing in my bed at 1:00 AM just as soon as I go to sleep after driving through three states, and I have no spare waterproof mattress pad, and I have to be at work tomorrow morning?

I've been sufficiently punished for going away for the weekend. You can stop being evil now, you little ------------.

Bad dog. NO BISCUIT.

Current Mood: aggravated
Sunday, July 6th, 2008
11:27 am
I picked up the books he'd peed on previously and threw them out.

And he selected more books from the bookcase and peed on those.

I think what actually probably happened was that he started digging in the bookcase, the way he digs in his littertray, and the books fell out, and then he peed on them because they were on the floor, but it's hard to escape the suspicion that he just wants to pee on my books.
Thursday, June 19th, 2008
11:32 am
Okay, I may have the topper here. See what y'all think. A little background first....

Recently, my daughter was home for a short vacation in between graduating and going to work. She of course stayed in her room though without her bed, which is in storage in North Carolina. Thus, she slept on a double-sized air bed on the floor; not the greatest arrangement, but the best we could manage.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...(Wait, wrong movie. Anyway.) Since boy-cat Spanky doesn't get along with most of the other kitties, he's put up at night so we don't have to referee the yowling, howling battles-to-the-death at all hours. Daughter's room had become "his" room. And he, apparently, objected to this invasion of his space, and made his displeasure known.

He peed on the Daughter. While she was asleep. Not just on the bed she was sleeping on, oh noes. On HER.

It woke her up. Talk about your yowling and howling! Hee! She did not, gentle readers, take it well. Nor should she, actually. Still. Wow. Can that kid get MAD. *giggles*

I thought it might have been an accident, at first. Not that Spanky is the world's most innocent or well-behaved cat, mind... but still. I just didn't think he had that much hostility in him. Then the next day he did it again. Oops. Really can't draw any other conclusion, now, can we? (So for the rest of her stay, the door stayed shut. Um, yeah.)

Well, Daughter's gone now, launched into true adulthood, and has taken two of the cats with her. Last I heard, they were about to cross from Texas into Louisiana; tonight's stop is Birmingham, then on to Charlotte. The house is entirely too quiet. Entirely.

*Mom sobs piteously*
6:47 pm
This is why I can't have nice things
I left the PS2 game case, complete with instruction book (but thankfully not with game itself) on the floor near where I was sitting when I last played the game. There are little droplets all over it now. He seems to have just gotten the case, and missed the floor, which is good - less clean-up.

It's not like he has something against the litterbox - I saw him go in it right now. He just enjoys extracurricular peeing.
Thursday, June 5th, 2008
3:48 pm
Thursday, May 29th, 2008
12:25 pm
Roland, no. No!
In the last twelve hours, Roland has peed on:
- my due South 'Call of the Wild' box set (I haven't dared open it up to see if the disks are all right. The paper insert definitely isn't.)
- my favourite black t-shirt with the red bats screenprinted on it.

I just caught him at the latter and hauled him off it, and he was so unconcerned.
Friday, May 23rd, 2008
10:08 am
Saying Hey....
We have ten cats. Not all intentionally, mind you; six were ours to begin with, and four more were "temporary," while darling daughter was in school and could not find cat-friendly housing. So now she's graduated, is presently in the process of moving, but so far can only find apartments that cap the pet population at two. So we may be stuck with as many as eight furr-beasties. Argh.

None of them tended to be pee-ers at first, except one and she only struck laundry baskets. The peeing we've seen the most of began when we added Emily's cats to our own last fall. So I rather think it's a stress reaction more than anything else; this is a large house but still... ten indoor cats is too many! Not sure just removing two of them will be enough to ease the situation. Probably not. *sigh*

Some of the more imaginative peeing:

* Backed up to a full roll of paper towels in an upright, counter-top dispenser and soaked it.

* Got the outside of my most-used piece of luggage, but I managed to rescue that with about half a ton of baking soda--then panicked that airport security would panic at this bag still trailing unidentified white powder (they didn't).

* The checkbook for a non-profit organization I keep the books for; I ended up photocopying the affected check stubs and tossing the originals.

* Too many times to count, the throw rugs underneath the litter boxes. I don't even know how they manage to hit them, most of the time. Must take a special kind of squat-and-aim stance. But I finally clevered-up enough to get some puppy training pads and insert those between the throw rug and the floor. Does help in cleanup.

* The inside of my purse, mainly the credit card wallet. Nearly DIED when I opened the purse to pay for something and the smell wafted up! Needless to say, I now keep my purses in the closet--door always closed!--to foil any repeat performances.

* And of course the usual: Bedding, pillows, clothes (on the floor or anywhere else, they don't discriminate), floors, rugs, etc. So far, no good shoes....
Thursday, May 22nd, 2008
11:05 pm
Can I post too?
My dogs like to pee on my bed. MY BED. REPEATEDLY. I have to have two complete sets of sheets and waterproof mattress pads-- super-expensive pads that I have to replace every third or fourth washing because they get holes in them. I try to block entry to the bed by piling up cardboard boxes and various things but they're clever little bastards; nothing stops them! Every time they sneak up I've got to do more laundry. I do not know why my bed is the preferred location for illicit peeing. The bathroom rugs come in a close second, with various spots on the floor that I can't see from my desk following up a poor third. These dogs were potty trained exactly the same way my other dogs were, which WORKED with the other dogs, but these are NOT trainable.

WHY WON'T THEY STOP OMG. *breaks down and sobs*

I'm not judging; I don't yell at them. I never can seem to catch them at it....
10:57 pm

Welcome to everyone. This is a community created for a very specific purpose: To allow for a non-judgmental documentation of the things that one's beloved pet has managed to befoul.

I've got a 14 year old male dachshund. In effect, I have a small, evil, peeing machine. Who has the kind of personality that makes you love him despite the property damage.

Also, by some standard's, he is an amateur- only things less than a foot off the ground, or possibly the bed or the couch are at risk. Kitchen counters, high shelves? Safely free of damage due to the Tucker.

I'm serious about the non-judgmental part. I have a dog. He pees on stuff. And I don't need to be made to feel bad about the fact that he is at this point basically unfixable. (I will take blame for leaving things on the floor in the first place- but not for his behavior). When he dies? I can buy nice rugs. Until that time, may it be years in the future? He's my baby.

ETA: You can be judgmental about your own pets. Merely not about other people's ownership
7:02 pm
Today's Victim
Queen Size Airmattres.

Apparently repeatedly.

I couldn't take it. Mattress a total casualty.
Wednesday, May 21st, 2008
8:57 am
The ruination of shoes
Last night I caught Tucker (pictured in my icon), peeing inside my good running shoes. He managed to align himself so that everything wound up inside my right sneaker. A pretty impressive feat for a small ancient dog.

Personally? In the scale of 'things my dog has ruined' I find this to be one of the more bizarre ones.
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