Cara Chapel (cara_chapel) wrote in petspeeonstuff,
Cara Chapel

Can I post too?

My dogs like to pee on my bed. MY BED. REPEATEDLY. I have to have two complete sets of sheets and waterproof mattress pads-- super-expensive pads that I have to replace every third or fourth washing because they get holes in them. I try to block entry to the bed by piling up cardboard boxes and various things but they're clever little bastards; nothing stops them! Every time they sneak up I've got to do more laundry. I do not know why my bed is the preferred location for illicit peeing. The bathroom rugs come in a close second, with various spots on the floor that I can't see from my desk following up a poor third. These dogs were potty trained exactly the same way my other dogs were, which WORKED with the other dogs, but these are NOT trainable.

WHY WON'T THEY STOP OMG. *breaks down and sobs*

I'm not judging; I don't yell at them. I never can seem to catch them at it....
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