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Saying Hey....

We have ten cats. Not all intentionally, mind you; six were ours to begin with, and four more were "temporary," while darling daughter was in school and could not find cat-friendly housing. So now she's graduated, is presently in the process of moving, but so far can only find apartments that cap the pet population at two. So we may be stuck with as many as eight furr-beasties. Argh.

None of them tended to be pee-ers at first, except one and she only struck laundry baskets. The peeing we've seen the most of began when we added Emily's cats to our own last fall. So I rather think it's a stress reaction more than anything else; this is a large house but still... ten indoor cats is too many! Not sure just removing two of them will be enough to ease the situation. Probably not. *sigh*

Some of the more imaginative peeing:

* Backed up to a full roll of paper towels in an upright, counter-top dispenser and soaked it.

* Got the outside of my most-used piece of luggage, but I managed to rescue that with about half a ton of baking soda--then panicked that airport security would panic at this bag still trailing unidentified white powder (they didn't).

* The checkbook for a non-profit organization I keep the books for; I ended up photocopying the affected check stubs and tossing the originals.

* Too many times to count, the throw rugs underneath the litter boxes. I don't even know how they manage to hit them, most of the time. Must take a special kind of squat-and-aim stance. But I finally clevered-up enough to get some puppy training pads and insert those between the throw rug and the floor. Does help in cleanup.

* The inside of my purse, mainly the credit card wallet. Nearly DIED when I opened the purse to pay for something and the smell wafted up! Needless to say, I now keep my purses in the closet--door always closed!--to foil any repeat performances.

* And of course the usual: Bedding, pillows, clothes (on the floor or anywhere else, they don't discriminate), floors, rugs, etc. So far, no good shoes....
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