Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote in petspeeonstuff,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Nibiki is evil.

My roommate has two cats -- Ryoga, a (very) large lout of a cat whose interest in things other than sleeping and eating went away with his balls, and his hyperactive and malicious sister Nibiki. (My roommate got them and their feral mother at a point after which they would easily bond with humans. They've bonded with exactly her. Sort of.)

Nibiki has a scale of destruction that she will unleash when displeased. Shedding -- deliberate shedding -- is minor. Peeing on things is meant to be noticed. Things like vet visits result in the deliberate seeking out and destruction of a vital cord. Last time it was my roommate's cellphone charger, bit in two with a surgical snip, no gnawing. One time it was a game controller, which took quite a bit more gnawing.

So. Peeing.

She has peed repeatedly on my roommate's bed.
She has peed on decorative couch pillows.
She has probably peed on clean laundry.
She has peed on various patches of floor, although by this point my roommate knows exactly what products to use, and I doubt that her room will smell like anything aside from that floral vacuum cleaner powder when we move out.
Most recently, and evidently this is an old trick but it was the first time I saw it, she pooped outside the litterbox. Not "I can't make it to the litterbox", but a deliberate pooping on the floor. Why, you ask? Well, I was in the room. And if someone other than Her Human is in the room when she has to go poop, she can't stand people watching her, so she might as well go where everyone can see her, hadn't she. (The litterbox is behind a curtain. This is not quite sufficient for Her Nibs.

Fortunately, this is the only cat that my roommate knows who acts like this, because otherwise she'd be off on cats for life.
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