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First pee

I just brought home my (still nameless) puppy, about four months old. I brought her out to the back yard where she did her business, so I figured it was safe to bring her inside.

She walks right into her crate, before I've even had the chance to put down a blanket for her. Great, I think, she's OK with the crate. Once she comes out, I put down the blanket. She goes right in and promptly piddles on it.

Oh well, she'll learn. : )

ETA: Just put down towel and she promptly went in and peed again (with no warning sign). I think she might get a plain hard surface to sleep on for a bit.

She also appears to be a treat whore. I gave her a small treat when she went in to the crate and she promptly got really excited about the crate, going in and sniffing for more.
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