Nora Bombay (norabombay) wrote in petspeeonstuff,
Nora Bombay

Telephone Time

I spent a good two and a half hours on the phone this evening.

During this time, Tucker got no small amount of cream cheese- dairy products being his kryptonite.

He got an extra late night walk.

But when I got off the phone?

We played 'chase the dachshund around the coffee table'

Only it ended in a new way.

With submissive peeing.


I don't want submissive peeing. I just want to play fetch and love the Tucker. Not deal with even more unexpected dog urine.

Of course now he's perched on my leg, utterly oblivious to the trouble he's caused, and waiting for me to toss a blanket over him.

And I'll do it, because I'm a sucker like that.
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