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Welcome to everyone. This is a community created for a very specific purpose: To allow for a non-judgmental documentation of the things that one's beloved pet has managed to befoul.

I've got a 14 year old male dachshund. In effect, I have a small, evil, peeing machine. Who has the kind of personality that makes you love him despite the property damage.

Also, by some standard's, he is an amateur- only things less than a foot off the ground, or possibly the bed or the couch are at risk. Kitchen counters, high shelves? Safely free of damage due to the Tucker.

I'm serious about the non-judgmental part. I have a dog. He pees on stuff. And I don't need to be made to feel bad about the fact that he is at this point basically unfixable. (I will take blame for leaving things on the floor in the first place- but not for his behavior). When he dies? I can buy nice rugs. Until that time, may it be years in the future? He's my baby.

ETA: You can be judgmental about your own pets. Merely not about other people's ownership
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